7 Things the NRIs Need to Know While Importing Indian Spices!

Things the NRIs Need to Know While Importing Indian Spices

Spices are the soul of the food. It is the reason globalization actually happened. The world discovered itself in the pursuit to find authentic Indian spices. Need we say anymore? Quality and authenticity are important when it comes to spices. Very important.

However, while importing spices from India or other countries, it is difficult to examine the entire bulk stock. That is why it is so much important to examine all the factors and parameters related to the quality of the spices. Keeping these 7 things in mind, you can easily evaluate the spices manufacturers in India and choose the best from so many options.

1. Source of the raw materials

If you are looking for authenticity, you must look for the correct source of the raw materials. For example, if you are looking for black pepper, the well-known variants are grown in the North-East region and South India region. In the case of red chillies, it is grown throughout India with widely varying properties that you have to select from. The main difference between these variants is the geographical source of authentic raw materials.

2. Species of the spices & its properties

There are so many varieties available for every spice and every species shows different characteristics. The Kashmiri Chilli gives a sharp red color but it is generally low in hotness compared to regular chilli. Same way, the Tellicherry Black Peppers are bigger in size than the Regular Malabar Black Peppers but the Tellicherry gives better aroma and lesser hotness. If you are looking for a specific result, make sure you chose the right and authentic variant.

3. Manufacturing Conditions

The whole spices are grinded and packed in manufacturing plants. However best quality the raw materials possess, if they are not manufactured in clean and hygienic conditions, they lose their quality and effectiveness. For example, Satvam Nutrifoods manufactures the ground spices in a state-of-the-art plant with ‘Zero Human Touch’, following international food safety standards. The spices are grinded and packed in totally hygienic conditions, which helps in retaining the quality.

4. Grinding Technology

In ancient times, the spices were grinded every day in every household, as per the required quantity. But in recent times, bulk processing and grinding has taken centre stage. The biggest drawback of this process is the heat generated due to friction in the grinding plant. However, it has been solved by the latest Cryogenic Grinding Technology and Satvam Nutrifoods is the Pioneer in using it in India. In this process, the grinding is done at sub-zero temperatures which helps in retaining the natural color, flavor, and aroma.

5. Reputation in the local market

It is hard to evaluate the capability of an exporter just by browsing their website or social media. The reputation of spices exporters in India, in the local Indian market, can be learned from others who have previously worked with them. You may ask the exporter itself for their existing clientele and experience. Also, you can check if the exporter is listed in the list of government approved spices exporters by organizations such as Spice Board of India & All India Spices Exporters Forum.

6. Awards, Recognition, and Certifications

The well established and reputed exporters are the ones who give the best value for money and the optimum quality products. The seasoning manufacturer In India and spice exporters, who have been recognized by international quality certifications and awards, can be trusted with the quality to an extent. The certifications can be for manufacturing practices, cleanliness rankings, brand recognition, quality ratings, and cultural compatibility certifications such as HACCP certification, FSMS/ FSSC, BRC, and Kosher & Halal certification.

7. Cost and Actual Stock Quality

Nothing can be more assuring than actually evaluating the stock in person. You can plan a brief visit to India and meet best online spice merchants from India. This would give a perfect idea of the manufacturing process as well as the raw materials and end products. Also, you can compare the prices and the quality of any exporter easily by sending a local representative. You can get the best quality spices online, by evaluating all the factors mentioned above.

Satvam Nutrifoods Ltd – Spices Manufacturer and Exporters in India

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