Health benefits of Indian Ground Spices

Indian kitchen is mostly known for its exotic flavours and delightful spices which have been consumed for years. In Indian culinary activities, spices are majorly used in powdered form as a taste enhancer. These fiery and delicious ground spices do not only add taste to your foods, but they have also been believed to come in a plethora of health benefits and contribute largely towards an individual’s healthy life.

Many researchers explain that the burning sensation releases endorphins, natural painkiller of the human body. The secretion of endorphins gives you the pleasurable and even euphoric sensations. The reasons why these are beneficial to health because of their antibacterial and antiviral properties. Also, these spices have disease-fighting antioxidants which help an individual lead a healthy life.

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Chilli Powder Health Benefits

The red coloured powder made from the chilli pepper makes it is the fieriest spice available on the planet. Besides putting fire on your tongue, it is believed to have pain-relieving and cardiovascular benefits.

Chilli pepper contains capsaicin which is believed to be an inhibitor of substance P, a neuropeptide which fights inflammation.
– Topical capsaicin is also known as a potent treatment for osteoarthritis pain.
– Red chilli is also believed to reduce blood cholesterol, platelet aggregation.
– The capsaicin is also helpful in clearing mucus from you choked nose and congested lungs.
– Chilli is believed to lower the risk of heart attack and type 2 diabetes.

Turmeric Powder Health Benefits

Turmeric is the bright yellow coloured spice obtained from ‘curcuma plant.’ It is essentially used in Indian foods to give a rich, appetizing colour to the food along with its warm and earthy aroma. Turmeric is the spice that has the most medicinal properties. Turmeric is the most sought-after treatment for issues like infected wounds, skin inflammation and ringworms for its antiseptic properties.

– Turmeric helps to treat arthritis, stomach pain, diarrhoea and intestinal gas.
– Turmeric contains curcumin which is believed to increase the antioxidant capacity of the body by neutralizing the free radicals and hence stimulating the antioxidant mechanisms of the body.
– Many studies have shown that curcumin is a cancer-fighting compound. It reduces the growth of new blood vessels in tumours, stops developing cancer and kills the cancerous cells.
– Curcuma is also helpful in treating Alzheimer’s disease and preventing it as well.
– Researchers have also found the blood clotting properties of turmeric. Besides, turmeric is also helpful in reducing liver toxins and metabolizing fats hence contributing to weight loss.
– According to several studies, Curcuma is an effective antidepressant. Studies have shown incredible effects of turmeric against depression.

Kasuri Methi Health Benefits

The fenugreek plant or Kasuri methi is known for its strong and irresistible aroma. Ground fenugreek is yellowing brown in colour contributing in numerous ways to maintain a healthy body.

– It is highly advantageous for the sufferers of poor liver functions and gastric problems.
– It serves as a strong mouth freshener.
– It contains anti-diabetic elements which help in treating type 2 diabetes.
– Fenugreek is also an important herb to treat hair problems.

Cumin Powder Health Benefits

Cumin is the second most used herb. With its distinct pleasant taste, it provides warm nutty aroma to your victuals. Besides flavouring and providing fragrance to your dishes, it fills your plate with numerous health benefits.

– Cumin seeds or powder contributing in preventing gas formation and helps in better digestion.
– Cumin seeds contain vitamin C which helps in fighting inflammation, reducing the risk of heart attack, lowering blood pressure. In other words, it serves as an immune system booster.
– Cumin seeds are an excellent antioxidant which helps in preventing skin diseases.

Coriander Powder Health Benefits

India is one of the major producers of coriander in the world. The leafy spice has been used for more than 70 centuries. Like the other major spices of the Indian kitchen, Coriander has no less medicinal properties.

– Coriander has incredible anti-inflammation properties and serves as a great aid to digestion.
– Several studies have also shown the antioxidant properties of coriander which are helpful in reducing oxidative stress in diabetics.

Coriander-Cumin Powder Health Benefits

As we already know the health and aromatic benefits of cumin and coriander. The cumin-coriander powder is a blend the properties of both the spices and helps you medically in all the possible ways.

Satvam Nutrifoods is one of the leading seasoning powder exporters in India. So why wait, hurry up and take your packets of health and taste from the best spice company in the country.

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