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About Satvam - Indian Spices Exporters & Suppliers


Making delicious food for the family is usually the PASSION of the woman.
Providing real and natural food products & ingredients is PASSION of SATVAM.

Satvam Nutrifoods Ltd. a renowned name in Indian Food & Spice Industry.

Satvam Nutrifoods Ltd. is one of the best Spices Manufacturing Companies In India

SATVAM, the name itself means Purity and inherent power. And true to the name our brand is focused to deliver the pure nutrition throughout its product range. We do not want you to miss the authenticity of any of the food product or ingredient. We take care of every small thing in our product. We believe to acquire the best to deliver the best.For that sake we get our raw materials from the fields of different parts of India so that we can make sure the authenticity of that particular region. That is the reason we are able to deliver best quality products to our consumers. At Satvam, we aim to everything right and true to our own roots and values.

We believe in being ahead of the curve. And do not believe in jumping on the bandwagon. We are privileged to call ourselves pioneer of "Cryogenic Grinding Technology" to grind the spices. This technology preserves the natural components and aroma of spices which is not possible in normal grinding technology.We work on the same rule for all our products to add value to your life. Along with the advanced technology we also make sure that products are manufactured, packed, stored and transported under best hygiene and international quality standards which is possible through regular quality check-audits on regular basis.

Satvam has its wings spread in all kinds of Basic Spices, Blended spices, Seasoning products and Instant Food Mixes in domestic & international markets and aiming high to become a leader of the industry. Top Wholesale Spices Suppliers in India, Satvam has already reached the distant shores of Canada and Australia, giving the authentic taste and experience of Indian Cuisines to the people. We are the only spices manufacturer and exporter in India who supplies cryogenically ground authentic Indian spices, seasoning powder and quality instant mix products, across the world. We are in the process of forging international integrations, which will help us to become a truly global brand.

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