Why is shelf life important for spices?

Shelf life for Spices

Well, for the fact, you can not get fresh spices throughout the year. This is why, people started drying the raw spices first to preserve their active ingredients for a longer time. Even this process usually results in a small degree of reduction in their potency. The real problem starts with grinding of the dried spices. The aroma and taste of the signature flavour are lost due to the heat and evaporation. Also, the finely ground particles offer lesser shelf life of the spices.

Then what is the solution?

Before knowing that, we must understand why shelf life is important for spices?

As the spices contain their flavour in volatile oils which evaporate very quickly, the spices become useless within a certain timeframe.

Also, grinding and packing conditions play a crucial role in deciding the shelf life of the spices. If the spices powder is contaminated by moisture or insects or even micro-organisms, it starts losing its quality rapidly.

Shelf life is the time duration during which spices are fit for consumption. In packed ground spices, a lot of factors affect its shelf life, and the biggest factor is ‘Grinding Process’.

In the conventional grinding mills, the high grinding temperatures and lack of cleanliness results in reduced shelf life of the spices.

So, the only solution to improve the shelf life of spices is ‘Cryogenic Grinding Technology’.

Cryogenic Grinding Technology is the latest innovation in the spice manufacturing industry and Satvam Nutrifoods is a proud pioneer in using it in India. In the Cryogenic Grinding Process, the grinding is carried out at very low temperatures. This allows retaining of the original flavour and aroma of the spices.

Smaller brands often sell the spices at very low costs as they do not put enough attention to the grinding process. As a result, foreign particles and contaminants get mixed with the spices and due to extreme heat, the spice ends up losing its integrity and stability.

Satvam offers you the spices which are ground using the Cryogenic Grinding Process. Thus you can experience the exact original taste and aroma. Also, you need to use very less amount of spice compared to other brands. Also, at the world-class manufacturing plant of Satvam Nutrifoods, the ground spices are packed and transported in totally hygienic conditions, without any human touch.

So, the next time you go to a market looking for spices, make sure you check out its actual shelf life, and make a wise decision. Choose Satvam.

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