The original essence of the nature, preserved with Cryogenic Grinding, for you!

In the old times, the spices were ground manually by the individual families using a pestle and mortar, so that the spices retain their flavour to the maximum. But in the new era, that practice got replaced by mechanical grinding of herbs in big factories. Spices are ground and packed and supplied across the world with so much ease, all thanks to the technology.

We might think the technology has enhanced the availability and shelf life of the spices however; the existing grinding technology ends up reducing the quality of spices. The reason is ‘HEAT’! Because of the friction between spices and the machine, the temperature of ground spices rises substantially. And it makes the main volatile active ingredient ‘the essential oils’ evaporate. According to a report, due to excessive temperatures almost 15%-43% essential oils are lost in grinding process. And this is a huge proportion.

What is Cryogenic Grinding?

The word cryogenic refers to very low temperatures. Cryogenic Grinding is the technique of pulverizing spices and herbs at sub-zero temperatures (-17.78°C), to minimize the loss of essential oils.

Using liquid Nitrogen vapour blanket or Nitrogen gas circulation, a dry and cold atmosphere is created which does not react with the spices. When grinding is done through cryogenic technique, integrity and quality of the spices remain intact. The result is natural colour, taste and aroma retained in the spices.

Advantages of Cryogenic Grinding

– Natural characteristics of the spices are preserved
– Minimum thermal fatigue and risk of fire
– Increased production capacity
– Better control over the particle size, Finest grinding up to fineness of 50 Microns
– Less wear and tear of the equipment

Cooling of the air-dried materials to temperatures ranging from 0 to -150 degree Celsius and subsequent grinding by hammer mills or attrition mills, allows fracturing the materials in smaller pieces very easily. And with amazing active ingredients retention, you can get very finely ground and highly potent spices.

How Satvam creates the finest quality spices?

Satvam is the pioneer in India for using the Cryogenic Grinding process. The finest spices and herbs procured from the regions known for the authentic quality, are subjected to Cryogenic Grinding in the state-of-the-art plant, without any human touch for conserving their purity and quality. This is how Satvam brings to you, the real taste of spices which you have never experienced before. As the name suggests – Satvam gives you the real ‘Satva’ of nature, without any compromise on quality.

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