10 things you should know before going to store spices at home

Tips for Storing Indian Spices

Spices are a seasonal commodity and in India, traditionally we acquire whole spices from the market, get them ground in mills, and then we store the spices for the whole year. The main ingredient of spices are the volatile oils and they are subjected to evaporation during grinding process and subsequent loss of potency on the long term storage.

So, the last thing you want is tasteless powders by the end of the year!

These are the 10 tips that will help you store the spices in more effective manner.

1. Store away from heat, moisture, and sunlight: These are three main factors which may erode the flavor of stored spices. Always keep spices in dry place, away from direct light and moisture.

2. Keep it away from steaming vessel: Don’t take the container near the boiling water or gas flames. Steam will create cakes in the spices and spoil it.

3. Use separate spoons for each container: Always use dry spoon and separate spoon for each container. Using wet spoon will spoil the spice on the long run.

4. Store in a refrigerator: It not advisable to refrigerate spice for everyday use as it will add moisture. But for large quantity and long term storage, you can use refrigerator.

5. Lock the container lid tightly: Moisture and other contaminants may enter the container and spoil the spices. Always close the lid tightly to preserve its quality.

6. Grind whole spices when required: Powdered spices are more prone to deterioration compared to whole spices. You can store the whole spices and grind them periodically as and when required.

7. Use packed spices: Because of clean and trustworthy packing conditions, the packed spices last for a considerable long time. Satvam offers you an amazing range of packed spices and instant mixes.

8. Keep a separate jar for everyday use: Frequently opening and closing lid of the container may evaporate the aroma faster. For everyday use of spices, get a small sized jar.

9. Use cryogenically ground spices: To retain the original flavor and aroma of spices, cryogenic grinding is the best technique. Satvam Nutrifoods offers the spices which are more potent than other spice brands.

10. Check on all the spices every six months: If you store the spices for the entire year, make sure you check periodically if they are in proper conditions or not.

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