Why do Canadians love spices, especially Indian spices?

Indian spices exporters

The spicy trade relationship between India and Canada!

Spices trade is the main reason why the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus embarked on the journey to find a new sea-route to India. Spices bring excitement and euphoria to any recipe. And when it comes to Indian spices, the world recognizes their huge diversity and distinctive flavors from the heart.

Canada offers amazing opportunities for Indian spices exporters!

Indian spices feature prominently in the list of India’s top exports to Canada. In line with the increasing demand from the Canadian market, Indian spices have seen a significant rise in the export volumes. Mainly Indian Chilli and Indian Pepper are some of the most sought-after spices in Canada. Spice importers in Canada are trading extensively with spice exporters in India nowadays. There are huge market opportunities available for Indian Spices Exporters for selling bulk spices in Canada.

What do the Canadians feel?

‘Chilli With Meat’ is one of the most popular dishes in many regions of USA and Canada. And not just Chilli, but so many different blends of Chilli powder with other spices are also marketed by Chilli powder suppliers and they have been cherished across the North American continent for years. Especially in Canada, the Indian Spices are very much savoured by people from so many different ethnicity, including the native Canadians.

The role of Indian spices in Canadian Cuisines

Indian spices are used to make sauce, curry, as seasoning, and also in the cooking process. The young and adventurous generations of Canada like to eat spicy food while the older generations generally avoid heat. Dishes like Vindaloo, Chilli Macaroni, Sriracha Sauce, etc. are in very popular in Canada. The demand for Indian spices is steadily increasing in Canada and the US, in the recent times.

Why are Indian spices so much popular?

Indian spices are available online in Canada, so the people can easily purchase them now. Canadian markets offer a huge potential for trading wholesale spices in Canada. The spices manufactured using latest technology such as Cryogenic Grinding are trusted more by Canadians for their authentic taste.

Satvam Nutrifoods: One of the finest spices exporter in India

Satvam is one of the truly unique company among the Indian spices exporters. Satvam Nutrifoods is the pioneer in using Cryogenic Grinding Technique in India for manufacturing spices. Also, at the technologically advanced manufacturing plant, the spices are ground without any human touch at any point in the process. Satvam – one of the leading Indian Spices Exporter manufactures and markets a huge range of ground spices, premium ground spices, blended spices and instant mixes across the world.

If you want to import the best and authentic Indian Spices in Canada, contact Satvam Nutrifoods here!

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