This Bhai Dooj, set a yummy platter for your naughty Brother!

This Bhai Dooj, set a yummy platter for your naughty Brother!

What is so Special About Bhai Dooj?

It is that time of the year when the entire nation is dunked into colors of festivities and celebrations. All you witness around is color, laughter, joy and above all – The FOOD! How can even a celebration begin or even end without food for that matter?

For every single occasion and in every other region of the country, we have some special cuisine being cooked. And that just adds the beauty and vibrancy of the celebration. On talking of festivals, Diwali is forthcoming. Followed by Diwali comes Bhai Dooj. Widely known by different names in different areas like Bhai Phonta, Bhai Beej, Bhau Bij etc, this festival is celebrated on the second day of Vikrami Samvat New Year.

On this day, brothers visit their sisters and the sisters serve them a variety of scrumptious cuisines or dishes that they love. The rituals are different in different parts of the country. However, it altogether signifies the responsibility of brothers towards their sisters and also the love and care of sisters towards their brothers. Further, in the ceremony, the sisters perform aarti for their brothers and put on the red tika on their brothers’ forehead. The tika ritual implies that the sisters are praying for their brothers’ good health and long life. In return, brothers may offer a gift to their sisters as a token of love.

Show your love for your sibling with delicious sweet recipe

So, if you are a sister and looking forward to making this Bhai Dooj a special one for your brother, we bring to you some easy Indian sweets to make at home. The market is flooded these days with instant mix food and instant mix products and you shop a little for the special day beforehand. To choose from a variety of options available, you can buy Gulab Jamun Instant Mix OR Basundi Instant Mix as these two cuisines are the most sought-after and your brother can never say no to it. And when these will be prepared with your love and affection, it would definitely become irresistible for your brother. What better way to show your love to your sibling?

Easy Indian sweets to make at home this Diwali

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Go shower all the love you have for your beloved brother!


Happy Bhai Dooj!

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