Rock this Navratri with Blend of Food, Health and Happiness

Navratri 2017: A Blend of Health and Happiness

With the arrival of autumn, arrives the festive season. And so does the butterflies in our stomach! In India, festivals are all about happiness, celebration and food. And with food, we unleash the millions of recipe hailing from different regions of the nation and satiating our taste buds like anything. These are the same age old recipes that were tried and served by our grandmothers and great grandmothers and passed on to our mothers and the rest of the family. So what we have made out of it all is, festivals in India are a celebration of traditions and culture. As the dates approach, recipe books are flipped open and every single kitchen of India unfurls a scrumptious aroma around.

On talking of Navratri, Gujarat is one such state that eagerly waits for this time of the year. In Gujarat, Navratri is all about family, friends, laughter, happiness, Garba, Dandiya and not to mention- the food! During this time of the year, you will find every single Gujju setting out on a shopping spree for Navratri 2017. Another aspect of the festival is the delicious variety of snacks this state has to offer. Dhokla, Khaman, Handvo to name a few. These are a few cuisines that can be consumed during Navratri.

However, this time of the year is also very crucial in terms of health and other related issues. As this is that time when the weather changes from monsoon to autumn, being somewhere in the middle of two seasons can be a very risky factor for your health. If not taken care of, your careless munching habit can land you into some serious health trouble. And in order to avoid that, you must ensure that even if you are set to enjoy the festivities and food, you must choose a lighter, healthier alternative to the food. Adding spices that are a blend of taste and health seems to be an optimal choice in this regard.

Satvam Nutrifoods is one such name in the list of spice manufacturers in India that stands up to the said criteria. It is a known name among the instant food mix manufacturers and masala manufacturers in India. With a wide variety of instant mix products and spices to offer, Satvam ensures taste along with health. Satvam is the most sought-after name among the leading Indian spice suppliers and it is suggested to try its products for your recipe this Navratri. Whether you plan to host friends and relatives at your place, or you’re up for catering for a huge crowd, Satvam will not let you down and you will find your guests licking their fingers. So, if you wish to celebrate a happy and healthy Navratri with your loved ones, then Satvam is your choice!

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