Pitrupaksha (Shraddha): A Tribute to Our Ancestors

Pitrupaksha (Shraddha) - a tribute to our ancestors

Pitru Paksha or Pitripaksha (Shraddha) as some call it is an age-old tradition of paying tribute and remembrance of our deceased ancestors.

According to the Hindu culture, it is that time of the year where families pay homage to their ancestors and thank them for everything they ever provided seeking blessings and love from them. There are certain rituals carried out during the complete span. It is a 15 lunar day period where all the Hindus are supposed to offer prayers to their ancestors especially by offering food.

And this is why food plays a significant role in the 15-day proceedings. It is known by different names like Pitru pakshya, pitri pokkho, sola Shraddha, Kanagat, jitiya etc. The Hindus consider this time of the year to be inauspicious as they pay homage to the dead and deceased.

The Shraddha involves a ritual called the pinda-daan, which implies offering food to the ancestors. It includes cooked rice, flour balls that are made with a mixture of wheat grains, ghee, and black sesame seeds, accompanied by water released from the hands of the one praying. Followed by this is the worship of Lord Vishnu in the form of darbha grass, a  shaligram stone, and Yama.

The food that is to be offered to the ancestors is usually prepared in silver or copper vessels and served on a banana leaf or containers made out of dried leaves. The food basically includes Basundi (a delectable condensed milk), Kheer (a dessert prepared from rice and milk), lapsi (a porridge made of whole wheat grains), steamed rice, dal or lentils, vegetable curry of spring bean and pumpkin or yellow gourd. After all the rituals, food offerings are made and it is believed that the offerings are accepted only if a cow eats and devours the food offered. Birds are invited too, as they are considered to be the messengers or the ancestors themselves. Once the cows, dogs, and birds are fed, the family members can eat.

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