Benefits of Black Pepper in Losing Weight

how black pepper lose weight

Indian cuisine is inextricably linked with spices. Both are incomplete without each other. These spices are not only known for their exotic flavors and lip-smacking aroma which can turn any dish into flavorsome treats but also considered as a humongous source of nutrients and health benefits. One such spice that makes its way into most of our curries, stews, and sabzi is black pepper.

Peppercorns are a storehouse of numerous health benefits, weight loss and metabolism are one of them. Black Pepper has been used for centuries as a spice because of its wonderful medicinal properties. This low-calorie seasoning is packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and dietary fiber. Research shows that the piperine content of Black Pepper prevents fat cell differentiation, enhances fat metabolism, and increases the bioavailability of nutrients.

Black Pepper Nutrition Facts

100 grams of Black Pepper Powder contains Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fatty Acids, Fats, Calories, and Water. The fusion of all these nutrients in one spice is what makes it beneficial for weight loss.

Here are a number of benefits of adding a pinch of the Satvam Black Pepper Powder to your diet:

– Black Pepper boosts the metabolism
– Black Pepper burns the calories
– Black Pepper prevents the creation of new fat cells
– Black Pepper suppresses fat accumulation
– Black Pepper helps you absorb other nutrients from your foods
– Black Pepper is a natural anti-depressant and enhances the mood
– Black Pepper is an anti-oxidant which fights free radicals

Black Pepper Drinks for Weight Loss

– Black Pepper and Honey

A concoction of ground black pepper, a cup of boiled water and a teaspoon honey acts as a detox water when consumed in the morning. Honey is a natural sweetener which enhances taste, and it is also a potential antidiabetic agent. Hence, considering black pepper and honey for weight loss is a healthy option.

– Black Pepper Tea

Black Pepper Tea promotes speedy weight loss. Black Pepper mixed with ginger root, green tea bag, and water to make Black pepper tea is incredibly beneficial for your health. Ginger has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties and helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and gut problems.

– Black Pepper and Fruit Juice

The blend of watermelon, pineapple, lime juice, freshly ground black pepper and pinch of salt helps fight certain types of cancers, obesity, and diabetes.

– Black Pepper Oil

To make the most of black pepper, you can consume it directly. If you have a good tolerance for something hot and pungent, then you can chew 1-2 black peppercorns every morning to revive your metabolism. For those who don’t, you can have it in the form of black pepper oil (black peppercorns diluted in one cup of water).

Traditionally the Black pepper has been cultivated in south India especially Kerala, which is popular throughout the world. Satvam obtains the authentic species of black pepper from the most reputed sources and grinds them using cryogenic grinding technology, in totally hygienic conditions.

To get the best pungent flavor and aroma of Black pepper, buy Black pepper powder only from Satvam Nutrifoods – one of the finest Black pepper powder manufacturer and exporter in India.

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