Making Gulab Jamun: A Popular Indian Dessert

Satvam Gulab Jamun instant mix

Gulab Jamun: A Classic Indian Sweet

Gulab Jamun is a classic Indian sweet that is prepared and enjoyed widely all across India during all sorts of festivities and occasions. In Hindi, Gulab means Rose and Jamun means berry. The idea behind the naming of this sweet is that it is of the size of a berry and it is usually dipped in rose flavoured sugar syrup. And that is where the name “Gulab Jamun” comes from. Khoya is the main ingredient in Gulab Jamun and thus, a generous amount of Khoya is used for the preparation of Gulab Jamun.

However, preparing Khoya at home can be a tiresome deal as it demands a lot of effort and time of yours. These days, amidst all the hue and cry of daily life, we don’t really get time to sit patiently and prepare desserts and cuisines just like our grand moms and great grand moms did. But to refrain oneself from relishing into the classic authentic taste does not seem a good idea. Therefore, to let you enjoy the good old taste from granny’s kitchen, we bring to you Satvam Gulab Jamun instant mix.

How to Make Gulab Jamun from Instant Mix

Instant Mix Gulab Jamun Recipe (for 200 gm Pack):

1. Take Satvam Gulab Jamun mix in a bowl. Add 100-120 ml of milk into it and prepare a soft dough. Leave the dough undisturbed for 5-10 minutes. Apply a small quantity of ghee on your palms and start making small balls of the dough. One standard pack of Satvam Gulab Jamun mix makes 40 such balls.

2. For a change, you can also place a thread of saffron in the middle of the ball or mix a teaspoonful of cardamom powder to the dough.

3. Heat ghee in a vessel and add the Jamun balls into it on a shimmering flame. Let the balls fry and slowly come up light brown in colour. (If the balls immediately come up, cool down the ghee a little and then add the balls.)

4. To check the heat of the ghee and ensure it is the right time to put the dough balls into it, make a tiny thread of the dough and put it into the ghee. If it comes up brown quickly, it means, the ghee is too hot.

5. Once the balls get light brown in colour, take them out and soak them in hot sugar syrup for 30 minutes. To avoid lumps in the middle of the Gulab Jamuns, make sure it is well-dipped into the hot sugar syrup.

6. For Sugar Syrup:

– Add 720 grams of sugar to 720 ml of water and heat. Keep stirring until the sugar is not dissolved into water. Let the mixture boil for 5 minutes.

– To add a hint of flavour to your Gulab Jamuns, you can add cardamom powder and saffron strand into the syrup.

Tips for First-time Gulab Jamun Preparer

– If you are preparing Gulab Jamuns for the first time, you must know that formation of cracks is a common sight while frying the balls. If cracks are forming in your Gulab Jamun balls, it implies that your dough is not soft enough. Add a little more amount of milk to your dough and rub it until it gets smooth. Then fry them for crack free Gulab Jamuns.

Serving Tips

– To add a hint of surprise in your Gulab Jamuns, you can add well cut dry fruits along with saffron at the centre while making balls out of the dough.

– Serve chilled Gulab Jamuns. A scoop of your favourite vanilla ice cream along with Gulab Jamuns is sure to give anyone a drool worthy-experience.

– You can also garnish the Gulab Jamuns with some extra sugar syrup topping, caramel dressing or a little cardamom sprinkled on the top.

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