Explore the Instant Way of Making Basundi

Instant Way of Making Basundi

Basundi is a sweetened condensed milk preparation served as dessert in major states of India, namely Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Basundi is a sumptuous and savory confection loaded generously with dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, cashews etc. and deliciously flavoured with nutmeg and cardamoms. Basundi is prepared by boiling milk on lowered temperature till the milk is concentrated to the half of its initial quantity.

This popular dessert is very much savored by people in North India too in form of Rabdi, which is a thicker form of Basundi. There are varied styles in which Basundi is prepared. Angoor Basundi (has tiny forms of rasgullas in it), Strawberry Basundi, Narangi (Orange) Basundi and Sitaphal (Custard Apple) Basundi are few of the popular forms of preparations of Basundi.

India being a cultural and traditional country is full of festivals and rituals followed across the country. Basundi is traditionally served on the occasion of Hindu festivals namely, Navratri, Dussehra, Kali Chaudas (a day before Deepawali), Deepawali and Bhai beej (Bhaiya Dooj). Weddings in India are a sumptuous rendezvous.

It has been tradition to serve the Basundi on weddings in the western parts of India.

Shitala Satam is one of the most traditional festivals observed in the month of Shravana by the Gujaratis. Shitala Satam is also popularly celebrated as Shitala Shasti and is dedicated to Goddess Shitala, the goddess of small pox and measles. The name Shitala stands for “the cooling one”. People consume cold food on this day which is prepared on the previous day (on Randhan Chhath). Goddess Shitala is offered cooked food and ghee. “Basoda” (food prepared a day before) is offered to the goddess during puja. This food is then consumed all through the day as prasad of Shitala Devi. Basundi is an indispensable part of this tradition, as it tastes as delicious when served chilled. It makes a great chilled delicacy that can be enjoyed on the satam day by family members.

There are several traditional recipes for the preparation of Basundi. However, due to the dynamic lifestyle of today’s world, all of us want to spend quality time with our family on auspicious occasions and festivals. So here the popular instant mixes come to our rescue. These instant mixes have been quite successful in replacing the time-consuming conventional recipes. Families can enjoy instant Basundi recipe to save time and enhance their taste buds.

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The instant mixes offered by Satvam are easy to cook and save significant time. The delicious treats can now be prepared at home making it more hygienic to devour. Satvam has launched several instant mixes for Indian desserts including but not limited to Basundi, Gulab Jamun etc. Satvam Instant mix is available in both 100 gm and 200 gm packaging.

How to Make Basundi

To learn how to make an instant Basundi recipe using Satvam instant mix, please follow the instant Basundi recipe step by step provided below:

– Preparation time: 5 minutes
– Cooking time: 20 minutes
– Servings: 3-4


– For Basundi
– 100 gm Packet of Satvam Basundi Mix
– 500 ml of Milk

For the Garnish

– A few almond and pistachio shavings
– A few chopped cashews
– A few saffron (kesar) strands

Procedure for the preparation of Basundi

– Take 500 ml of milk in a broad-bottomed non-stick pan and heat it till lukewarm.
– Add the Satvam Basundi Mix to the lukewarm milk and stir till incorporated.
– Bring the mixture to boil, while stirring continuously, till it becomes slightly thicker.
– As the mixture thickens, keep on stirring continuously and scraping the sides of the pan.
– Let it cool for some time before serving. Refrigerate the Basundi for some time if you wish to serve it chilled.
– Serve cool or chilled Basundi, delectably garnished with pistachio, almond shavings, chopped cashews and saffron.

How to Serve

The deliciously prepared instant Basundi recipe can be served hot, warm or chilled. It is also usually served with puris (fried flattened Indian bread). With puris, serve the Basundi either hot or warm.

How to Order

Try out the delicious Basundi recipe using the Satvam Basundi mix to astound your near and dear ones on every special occasion. In order to place an order for your favorite Satvam Basundi mix, please click here.

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