5 drool-worthy cuisines that add flavors to this Uttarayan!

Uttarayan 2018 Cuisines Gujarat

According to the Hindu scripture Surya Siddhanta, Uttarayana is defined as the period between the Makara Sankranti (January) and Karka Sankranti (July). This festival is celebrated all across India considering the northern movement of planets. During Makar Sankranti, the sun travels from Dakshinayan (southernmost point) to Uttarayan (north most point).

According to the Hindu religion, Uttarayan is considered as the day of new beginnings – a healthy and wealthy beginning. According to the great Hindu epic Mahabharata, Bheeshma Pitamah – the grandfather of Pandavas and Kauravas passed away and left for the heavenly abode. Also, the Hindu tradition states that the six months of Uttarayan makes constitutes one single day of the gods. Similarly, the six months of Dakshinayan constitute one single night of the gods. This implies that a year of twelve months equals a single Nychthemeron of the gods.

Out of over hundred festivals celebrated with all the glitz and glam in Gujarat, Uttarayan is one of the prominent festivals celebrated here. Colourful kites and food being the centre of attraction for Uttarayan, it would not be fair not to discuss about the delicacies enjoyed during the festivities.

Uttarayan is that time of the year when people will be found either flying their kites as high as they can or savoring into the scrumptious cuisines. On talking of cuisines, let us have a look at the recipes enjoyed all over Gujarat at this time of the year:


Undhiyu-Puri is one such delicacy that makes you forget your diet resolutions for the year and savor into the recipe all drooling. Preparing Undhiyu at home could be a tough deal as it demands a lot of time and dedication. But, a true Ambdavadi will never mind standing in patience for the best Undhiyu. This Uttarayan, try Undhiyu masala powder from Satvam! It is considered as the best Undhiyu Masala manufacturers in India. Thus, you have to try it once to know yourself.


After Undhiyu, comes this sweet cuisine without which, the Uttarayan festival might seem incomplete. As we know that Gujarati food is not complete without something sweet in it, Jalebi is the perfect fit for Uttarayan festival.

Chiki and tal papdi:

Ever since the start of time, Uttarayan festival has been incomplete without Chiki and Tal Papdi. Many varieties of Chikki are prepared in almost all Gujarati homes, and they are usually prepared from the Jaggery or from the Sugar.

Sherdi, Bor, Singoda, and Jamfal:

These are nothing but 4 different fruits that are served during the Uttarayan celebrations. It is said that we should all have four servings of fruits in a day. That is where the idea of Sherdi, Bor, Singoda, and Jamfal comes from.


Khichdo is a unique Gujarati recipe that is served during the times of festivities. It is slightly heavy to digest and thus makes an ideal food for winters. It provides a lot of energy to the body which implies more energy for the international kite festival 2018.

Amidst all the festivities, preparation of these delicacies can be a challenging job. And to simplify the procedures, Satvam Nutrifoods has come with a wide range spices along with the Undhiyu Masala. Satvam stands to be a prominent Undhiyu Masala manufacturer and blended spices manufacturer in India. Do try it out once to add spices to your festivals.

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